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    VLC1 (16) 系列切换电容器接触器
    Series AS contactor
    for switching shunt capacitor

    Common work condition and insta川ngcondition
    a 、周围空气温度:上限为+40℃ , 24h 内其平均值不超过+35℃ ,下限为-5℃:
    C、湿度:接触器安装地点的空气相对湿度,在温度为+40℃ 时不超过50%,湿月平均最低温度不超过+25℃ ,该月平均最大相对湿度不超过90%:
    t 冲击与振动:接触器安装在无显著摇动、冲击和震动的地方:
    9 、安装条件:接触器安装面与垂直面的倾斜度不大于5℃
    a.Surrounding air temperatu : the upper limit is +40℃centig rade,centigrade. The average degree can exceed +35℃centigradein 24h,the lower limit is -5℃
    b.Altitude: the air relative humidity ofthe contactor install placecant exceed2000m.
    c.Humidity: the air relative humidity ofthe contactor install place can´:t exceed 50% in +40℃ centigrade,theaveragewesttemperaturein wettest month is +25℃ centigrade,and the maximal relative humidity in this month can`t go beyond 90%
    d.Pollution grade;grad3.
    e.lnstall category: categroy Ⅲ.
    f.lmpact and vibrate: the contactor shouldn´:t be installed in apparentjolty,impactive and shake place.
    g.l nstall condition: the obliquity ofthe surface between install andperpendicularity ofthe contactor should be less than 5℃centigrade.

    VLCl (16) 型切换电容器接触器( 一以下简称接触器)是用于通断低压并联电容的专用接触器,广泛用于自动补偿的无功功率补偿设备中,适用于交流频率为50Hz ,额定工作电压至380V的电力系统中通断电容器至32Kvar ,以改善功率因数。
    The change-over capacitor contactor ofVLC1 (16) (acro町med contactor below) is specialized contactor u sed for on-off low-voltage multiple capacitor. They also are used widely for none-power equipmented equipm ents, it is suitable for power system of AC 丘e-quency 50Hz, rated voltage upon 380 V, on-off capacitor ud pon 32 Kvar to improving power factors.

    技术参数(见表2) Technical parameters(table20)

    内部链接及接线端子标志Intestinal conjunction & joint sign

    VLC1(16) -25、32、43接触器的电路链接及接线端子的标志见图匀。其接触系统由上、下两层八个触头组成三极主电路,每极主电路中都有一个触头是提前接通的,每路电阻切合电路由提前接通的触头与两只电阻构成。辅助触头的功能组合,由用户在订货时选定。
    The clrcuit connection and feeler sign of
    VLC1(16) -25、32、43 contactor refers to chart NO.2a.The contactor feeler systemis divided into three pole main circuit, which is made up to eight feelers with two layeers. There is a pre-connected feeler in everypole main circuit.Every resistance switching circuit is made up of the pre-connected feeler and two resistances. The assistant feelerfunction combination is up to customers´:s electric on order. The circuit connection and feeler sign of
    VLC1 (16)-63 contactorrefers to chart NO.2b, contactor for building block, the parts of resistance appropriated to circuit up the main circuit。
    外形及安装尺寸Exte口lality and fIxing size
    接触器的外形尺寸及安装尺寸见图3 ,接触器安装方便。VLC1-25、32、43型接触器,可用两只M4螺钉及防松垫圈安装,也可使用35mm安装轨安装: VLCl-63型接触器可用M6螺钉及防松垫圈安装,也可使用35mm或75mm安装轨安装。
    The outline and installing sizes refer to chart NO.3. The contacctors installing is easy VLC1-25、32、43 type contactor can be installedwith both two M4 screws and two counter-loose washer or 35mm,and VLCl-63 type contactor install by M6 screw or counter-loose washer or by 35mm or 75mm installing rall

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